Meet Cheryl

Cheryl was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her musical journey started at the age of 10 when her 5th grade teacher brought his guitar to the classroom and played for the class. Mr. Brown generously offered free guitar lessons after school for any student willing to learn. Cheryl was a willing participant. She continued with her guitar playing through high school, but eventually college and family became her priority. It wasn’t until her two children were older and self-sufficient that she felt she could, once again, devote her time to music. That was about 15 years ago and the journey she’s been on since then has led her to a network of musical friends and talents beyond her wildest dreams.

Cheryl has spent the last 15 years pursuing her dream of performing. Through classes in music theory, vocal training and intense personal growth she has become a well-respected guitarist and vocalist in the musical community. Cheryl has experimented with home recording, as well as venturing out into drums and bass guitar in order to provide a more acute awareness for all aspects of music.

Cheryl doesn’t stop there. When the beginning guitar instructor at Solano Community College retired, she put together an instruction course which now spans 7 weeks and you will find her teaching for the community services programs, not only at Solano Community College, but at Martinez Adult Education as well. Visit her teaching page for more information.

Presently Cheryl is performing at lounges, wineries, and open mics throughout the Bay Area, and is well respected in the wine region of Paso Robles, one of her favorite areas. When she is not performing you’ll find her teaching at the local community college or jamming with some of her friends.